Meet the Bobbies behind the brand

Tracey Roy

We’re excited to introduce one of Birds on Bikes first Brand Ambassadors - Tracey Roy! Based in Melbourne, Victoria.
Tracey Roy standing next to her electric trike

 Tell us a little bit about yourself…

I’ve always been able to ride a bike all my life but pre Covid 2019 I wanted to purchase a bike but wasn’t keen on a two-wheeler peddling around the Melbourne suburbs and I also have panic attacks and mild anxiety and a serious ankle injury.

I did my research into my purchase and it was going to be an electric trike from #progearbikes. I went to mum (Joan) and asked if she could help me finance it and I would pay it off, and she agreed. So, with that I learned how to ride a Trike, which my husband calls “sleepy duck”. 

Most days I ride about 15kms in my local area of Nunawading and Blackburn which has some great bike tracks. Riding for me, has made me more confident. I enjoy the exercise, peace and quiet, and getting out and about on my trike.

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