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What do you do when your world is disrupted and you can’t ride your bike any more???

Most of us will have been in this situation at some stage or another. Personally, I’ve been there post cycling accident surgery, and again during quarantine when I wasn’t allowed to leave my house.

It can feel dislocating, suffocating, and even depressing.

For many of us, cycling is our ‘freedom machine’ - our escape. It supports our mental health as well as our physical. It can form the routine of our day and our social interaction. When this is suddenly taken away from us, it can be very difficult to adjust, survive, and ultimately thrive in our new situation.

But we can.

We are thinking of our Victorian BoBs at the moment who have very limited cycling ability and I’m reflecting on a message I sent a cycling buddy after my accident. It said,

‘How can I survive this? My life is empty. My routine is gone, my freedom is gone, my social interaction is gone and I feel left with nothing. I put so much work into getting fit, and every day off the bike I’m losing it!’

My wise buddy had been in a similar situation. He said, ‘Cycling takes up a huge amount of time. You have been given a time slot to look around and discover new things that you’ve not been open to. We have a whole world of possibilities through the internet. Start exploring.’

I did.

I discovered many free classes online: Zumba and Pilates were favourites. I discovered LOOKING at things and taking photos from unusual angles, I learnt to crochet from video on-line tutorials, I set up a zoom online coffee chat with a friend each day. I made some different meals from all the recipes I’d collected.

I established a routine.

Make a Plan. list your needs, explore, find ways to meet needs, establish a routine. Share and celebrate your achievements with us.

We care!  We’d love to see pics of your new craft, photography, cooking, online zoom chat - whatever!! If you need some help, ask us questions.

You are strong, you are a BoB!! You can do this!!

Article credit : Mary Brake - Launceston Tasmania

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