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"Welcome to She Rides" The email has arrived. No going back now. Not that I was planning on that. I've issued myself a challenge and I do like to challenge myself. The older I get the more I keep discovering things about myself, it's quite comforting to suddenly realise and say yeah that's me, that's what I am like. It puts a whole lot of things into perspective. 

I have to admit I'm a little excited. The Chicks who Ride Bikes girls just rave about mountain biking. They tell me it's so much fun and no cars to contend with, which is a major bonus. 

So I have a checklist. What to expect, what to wear and looking after your bike. Yes, the bike that has been sitting up on the rack for months. My first bike. The bike that got me started on this cycling journey as an adult, yes that bike. 

When I look back "that bike" was probably a bit big and heavy but hey I felt safe and who ever thought at the time that I would be going faster and getting further. You do hear stories about these cyclists and all their bikes and you kind of brush it off and now, perish the thought, I'm becoming one of those cyclists. What next?

It seems to be very addictive. I have now progressed to a flat bar hybrid bike that I love and my I'm thinking in the next 12 months I may even move on to a drop bar road bike. (I never thought I would hear myself saying that)  Anyway, the mountain bike that I first started on is now the bike I will do my mountain biking on and the poor thing must be feeling very neglected.

It's been gathering lots of dust and yes the tyres have gone flat. It nearly got out on Sunday for a trial run but plans to ride the Fernvale to Lowood section of the Brisbane Valley Rail Trail got cancelled. In hindsight, we should have still gone, but as they say, hindsight is a wonderful thing. We will have to put it back on the to do list as I have heard great things about it. The goal is to one day do the whole trail and camp along the way. Any hints for this would be appreciated. 

So now it's off to dust off the cobwebs and pump up the tyres and look forward to what new adventures the week may bring. Lucky I've got an amazing partner to help out.

My First Mountain Bike

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