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Winter Tights

Winter Warrior Cycling Tights Collection

Master the Elements with Advanced Winter Cycling Gear

Discover the ultimate in cold-weather cycling with our Winter Warrior Cycling Tights Collection. Engineered for warmth and performance, each pair features Italian Vuelta fabric, LYCRA® for unmatched flexibility, and eco-friendly materials. Perfect for cyclists who demand the best in comfort, durability, and safety, our collection ensures you remain visible and protected during winter rides. Embrace the winter season with technology that heats up as the temperatures drop.


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Winter Cycling Tights tech drawing frontWinter Cycling Tights tech drawing front
Chilled Winter Cycling Tights Sale price$229.00 AUD
Motion Winter Cycling BibMotion Winter Cycling Bib
Motion Winter Cycling Bib Sale price$259.00 AUD


New Upgraded Chamois

Experience enhanced comfort with our upgraded chamois, designed to fit you better than ever before. Introducing our new pocket bibs, the first to feature this innovative upgrade.

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Embrace the Cold with Advanced Winter Cycling Tights

Winter cycling tights are essential for any cyclist refusing to let chilly temperatures slow them down. Engineered for performance and protection, these tights offer numerous advantages to keep you pedalling through the colder months:

Superior Warmth: Designed with thermal fabrics that insulate while remaining breathable, winter cycling tights keep you warm without overheating, ensuring comfort during long, frosty rides.

Enhanced Mobility: Featuring stretchable materials like LYCRA®, these tights provide an excellent fit and flexibility, allowing for full range of motion which is crucial during vigorous cycling workouts.

Weather Protection: Many winter tights come with water-resistant and windproof features to shield you against the unpredictable winter weather, from icy winds to sudden rain showers.

Moisture Management: With fabrics that wick away sweat and have quick-drying capabilities, winter cycling tights ensure that moisture doesn’t linger on your skin, keeping you dry and preventing chill.

Added Safety Features: Reflective elements are often incorporated into the design, increasing visibility in low-light conditions common in winter months, thus enhancing safety.

Skin Protection: Built-in UV protection helps shield your skin from harmful rays on sunny winter days, making them ideal for year-round use.

Winter cycling tights not only boost your comfort and performance but also extend your cycling season, proving that the cold is no barrier to your cycling adventures.