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Whether you're a casual rider or pro our bibs are built with comfort in mind

      Get a Bib - Even women who love biking need their own cycling bib shorts

      Comfortable riding has never been easier!

      Birds on Bikes Bib shorts are engineered to make sure even a short distance ride will keep you comfortable with a high waist that won't roll and wide leg bands.

      ✔️ Comfort - No matter how long or hard you ride, these biking shorts will keep you comfortable.

      ✔️ Performance - With a women's specific Elastic Interface chamois, Birds on Bikes Bib Shorts and tights are designed for performance — so whether you're going uphill or downhill, these shorts are up for it.

      ✔️ Durability - This cycling apparel is made from high quality materials and will last for years to come.

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        womens black bib shorts on plus size model showing features
        Cycling's Latest Game-Changer
        Bicycle Bib Shorts

        ✔ Moisture wicking & quick drying

        ✔ High waist that won't roll down

        ✔ Wide leg bands that don't cut in

        ✔ Smooth inner leg

        ✔ Soft elastic straps

        Improve your cycling experience
        Liège HP Women

        Conquer Cycling Challenges with Elastic Interface.

        Ride longer, ride harder, ride without pain. Our cycling pad is designed exclusively for you and your comfort so you can enjoy a safe and comfortable ride every day.