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A Disrupted World

Aug 06, 2020 

What do you do when your world is disrupted and you can’t ride any more??? Most of us will have been in this situation at some stage or another. Personally, I’ve been there post cycling accident surgery, and again during quarantine when I wasn’t allowed to leave my house.

Plans change

Oct 11, 2019 

Have you ever had one of those days when your cycling morning just doesn't go to plan. 4.30am - Alarm goes off. Bounce out of bed, more like a fall out of bed, but hey I got up. Get my stuff together, and head off for a 5.15 am meet at the Regatta. Rain is forecast but that's okay, we've got this.

Cycling & Coffee

Jan 01, 2019 

For many riders, a cup of coffee remains part of the cultural and social experience of cycling, but the fact remains that utilising caffeine smartly can benefit cyclists, as a stimulant for both the central nervous and muscular systems in the body.

In Conversation with Tina Dinte

Dec 01, 2018 

Birds on Bikes in conversation with Tina Dinte In early 2018, I was approached by Barbara Spooner from Birds on Bikes with a exciting opportunity to create a new textile design.

Magpie swooping season is here!

Sep 01, 2018 

As spring comes around, magpie swooping season begins. It is extremely important to be mindful as we share the great outdoors with these unique Australian wildlife. There is nothing worse than being attacked by an aggressive black and white feathered bird whilst riding along on your bike.

Wild Weekends Fashion Launch

Sep 01, 2018 

On September 24th, our Wild Weekends Collection was launched at the Fashion360 Showcase 2018. It was a lovely sunny day. The perfect day to showcase the new range of the spring and summer Wild Weekends Collection at the Brisbane Racing Club.

And so the adventure begins

Jul 01, 2018 

Talk about an act now think later kind of moment. I took the plunge last week and signed up to the She Rides Mountain Biking Confidence course. We'll be learning the ropes at Daisy Hill in Brisbane. I do have this tendency to act quite impulsively and then think of the consequences later. 

Brisbane mum designs cycling gear for curvy women

Mar 03, 2018 

Brisbane mother and recent cycling convert Barbara Spooner was disheartened when she first went scouting for cycling gear. The 55-year-old had taken up the sport a few years ago and was frustrated by the tight cycling shirts available for women.

Dusting off the cobwebs

Mar 01, 2018 

"Welcome to She Rides" The email has arrived. No going back now. Not that I was planning on that. I've issued myself a challenge and I do like to challenge myself. The older I get the more I keep discovering things about myself, it's quite comforting to suddenly realise and say yeah that's me, that's what I am like. It puts a whole lot of things into perspective. 

Where to Now?

Feb 07, 2017 

It's a whole new year, and it's February already, time is going to fly by and I have to ask myself "Where to now?" Sometimes you have to give yourself a big kick in the butt and say get over the fear and get on with it. So now is the time to start kicking butt. No more procrastinating, get that gear out there and that is what I am doing and now you may ask, where are we at.