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will be back on April 3 2020
for the Brisbane Cycling Festival 

If you are an australian CYCLING brand

and you'd like to get involved

we'D love to hear from you

If you have any questions please feel free to give me a call on 0410 483 979

or email:

It’s going to be stylish, it’s going to be fun and it’s going to put a new perspective on the world of cycling. The mountain biker, the roadie, the weekend warrior, we’ve got something for everyone, even the non-riders.

You're invited

to join us for an inspirational evening of wine, cheese, conversation and creativity.

Friday April 5
from 6.00pm - 9.00pm

  • Meet the Makers
  • It's Art in Motion
  • Creating Conversations
  • at Vacant Assembly 266 Montague Road West End 

      Free Entry Register Here

      Join us 

      on Sunday April 7

      at the Anna Meares Velodrome for the 

      Womens Cycling Expo

      from 9.00 am - 12.30 pm

    • Bring your own Bike
    • Coffee and Morning Tea Available
    • Free Sunday Entry Register Here


    • 8.00am - Anna Meares Velodrome doors open
    • 8.30 am - 9.30 am Masters Track Nationals warm up
    • 9.00 am - 9.15 am Cycle Physio - Stretching and Core for Cyclists
    • 9.00 am - 4.30 pm Masters Track Nationals 
    • 9.15 am - 9.45 am Cycling Skills Session 1
    • 9.15 am - 9.45 am Bike Fit Studios - Buying a bike that suits you best
    • 9.45 am - 10.00 am Apple to Zucchini Nutrition Talk - Cycling and Fat Loss
    • 10.15 am - 10.30 am Cycle Physio - Managing Sore Muscles and Flexibility
    • 10.30 am - 11.00 am Cycling Skills Session 2
    • 10.30 am - 11.00 am Kate Bates - Q & A Managing Motivation Ahead of Winter
    • 11.15 am - 11.30 am Bike Fit Studios - Saddles, why are their none that suit me?
    • 11.15 am - 11.45 am Cycling Skills Session 3
    • 11.45 am - 12.00 pm Apple to Zucchini Nutrition Talk - Fueling for Long Rides
    • 12.00 pm - 12.30 pm Cycling Skills Session 4
    • Meet the Makers...

      Easy-fit, relaxed lifestyle cycling clothing for real women. Designed and made in Brisbane, from premium materials sourced globally our cycling apparel range makes the daunting and intimidating process less frustrating.
      The mountain biker, the roadie, the weekend warrior, we’ve got something for everyone, even the non-riders.

      Craftworx wheels are the ultimate performance upgrade for your bike. World class wheels from a home grown Australian company, manufacturing right here in Brisbane. Drop into their workshop, located at 282 Wickham Street, Fortitude Valley. Into Beer, Coffee or both? Fridays are free beer and coffee day (all day) so drop in, say hi and enjoy a free beer or coffee while you chat to Nathan and Mark.

      An up and coming brand based in Brisbane, Sapient Cyclewear has a style all of it's own. Combining high tech construction with wild nature-inspired designs, they balance form and function to offer a unique experience for the adventurous cyclist.

      Perfuro' designs take inspiration from mother nature --the greatest force we know, so you can absorb and feel it inspire and give you the strength to achieve anything. Like lightning, it galvanises your willpower to succeed and propels you forward to achieve your personal best. With Perfuro gear you are the primo cyclist in the peloton.

      Fondo is known for developing high quality and stylish cycling gear specifically for women. We aim to deliver superior quality, technical apparel with bold patterns and colours designed to be seen on the road!

      Our passion is to get more women riding their bikes, exploring the outdoors and pursuing an active and healthy lifestyle.

      Custom recycled sewn products
      Spawning fresh ideas for cycling and streetwear apparel utilising an oversupply of used tyres and tubes sourced from local bike stores and friendly donations Reinvent reuse & relove with buibespoke

      RVI Active is an online marketplace for all things innovative and sustainable that is fitness and adventure related. Previously known as RearViz, we found our niche through launching the world’s first fully adjustable bicycle mirror and now are quickly expanding to a collaborative space that caters for all your innovative sporting activities and needs.

      Cycle Closet was born because the riders in our family couldn’t find a suitable selection of cycling kit in one place. We decided this gap for cyclists needed filling and so set out to build an unmatched range of head-to-toe cycling kit for all bike riders.

      it's time to CELEBRATE!!

      it's time to celebrate your wins, your victories, your losses.
      it's time to celebrate the cold mornings, sunrises & lack of sleep. it's time to celebrate the big hills, pbs & kilometres. it's time to celebrate the skinned knees, bruises & sweat. it's time to celebrate the fear & conquering it. it's time to celebrate the times you didn't give up. didn't go home. didn't back down. it's time to celebrate getting on that bike when people thought you couldn't. it's time to celebrate being you. it's time to celebrate being your own kind of Queen.

      Creating Conversations

      Hear tales from a panel of local cycling legends about how they chase their dreams. We’ll be getting up close and personal and having a candid chat about their cycling journeys across a broad range of experiences. 

      Indi Tansey

      Founder and main character of:

      Bronwyn Victor

      Planet Cycles Owner

      Cathy Peel

      Our very own local cycling legend

      It's Art in Motion

      Meet with some of our very own artists from within the Brisbane Cycling Community

      Tina Dinte

      Known for her unique style in capturing the essence of Australia. Tina’s art is featured on the latest Birds on Bikes Wild Weekends collection.

      Katia Strounina

      Introduced to cycling in a serious manner her partner, Katia  now rides for coffee, shopping, scenic views, competing in cyclocross, MTB, and she is now learning track cycling at the Annadrome.

      Daniell Rochecouste





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