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Art in Motion

Featured Artist Tina Dinte

In early 2018, I approached Tina with an exciting opportunity to create a new textile design. She didn’t give it a second thought and replied back with a huge YES!! It was something she was dying to do but hadn’t found the right opportunity.

I wanted to create a new Australian themed print and that’s were Tina came in. It was imperative to create a print that felt Aussie… and out of our brainstorming session we decided to use a mixture of Australian flora and fauna. And because it was bike wear we wanted something bright and colourful.

The featured artist: Tina Dinte. Source:

There was sketching and doodling….and throwing out of horrible ideas and combining illustrations and, after quite a few weeks, Tina came up with a design that we were both happy with. (Small celebrations at this stage - yay)

L: The original sketch of the Pink Cockatoo & R: The Fashion Collaboration Logo Source: 

After several sets of colour combinations were printed and deliberated on, we decided on the hero print with aquas, navy, greens and pinks plus another more pastel version that would suit my mountain bike range. It was back to the drawing board to create another design that suited customers that perhaps don’t like such a busy FULL ON print (yes, I was shocked to learn that these sort of people exist - he he).

Birds in their gear for Wild Weekend Fashion Line at the Fashion 360 in Brisbane. 

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