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Article: My Journey to Inclusive Sizing

My Journey to Inclusive Sizing

My Journey to Inclusive Sizing

Birds on Bikes: Redefining Cycling Clothing for Women Like Me

Introduction: As a woman who likes cycling, finding clothing that not only fits well but also makes me feel confident and comfortable has always been a struggle. For too long, the cycling industry has overlooked the needs of women of diverse body types, leaving many of us feeling excluded and underserved. However, the creation of Birds on Bikes has been a game-changer. This International Women's Day, I want to share my journey to inclusive sizing in cycling clothing and how Birds on Bikes is redefining the cycling experience for women like me.

My Journey Begins: My quest for inclusive sizing in cycling clothing began when I first started riding a bike. Like many beginners, I was eager to hit the road, but I quickly realized that finding clothing in suitable sizing was harder than I had anticipated. As I searched for cycling apparel, I couldn't shake the thought, "How hard can this be?" It seemed absurd that in an activity as accessible and enjoyable as cycling, finding clothing that fit well was such a challenge.

Embracing Inclusive Sizing in Cycling Clothing: Cycling should be a sport that welcomes everyone, regardless of size or shape. Yet, finding cycling clothing that truly fits has often felt like an uphill battle. Traditional cycling brands have typically offered limited options, leaving larger women with few choices and often resorting to ill-fitting men's clothing.

Inclusive sizing in cycling apparel is not just about expanding size ranges; it's about embracing diversity and promoting body positivity within the cycling community. By offering clothing that caters to women of all sizes, cycling brands can empower us to feel confident and comfortable on our bikes.

Creating Birds on Bikes: My frustration with the lack of inclusive sizing in cycling clothing led me to establish Birds on Bikes. Founded in 2017, Birds on Bikes is on a mission to provide women with stylish, functional, and comfortable cycling apparel designed to fit and flatter diverse body types.

What sets Birds on Bikes apart is our commitment to inclusive sizing, with options available in sizes 10 to 24. Finally, here is a brand that recognizes the diversity of women's bodies and caters to our needs. With Birds on Bikes, I could find clothing that not only fit me well but also made me feel proud of my body and confident on my bike.

Championing Inclusivity and Quality: In addition to our dedication to inclusive sizing, Birds on Bikes manufactures in-house in Brisbane. By producing locally, we ensure quality control and support local communities. This allows us to maintain high standards in our manufacturing process while reducing our environmental footprint.

Conclusion: This International Women's Day, I celebrate Birds on Bikes for its commitment to promoting inclusivity in cycling clothing. By offering Australian-made apparel in sizes 10 to 24, Birds on Bikes is transforming the cycling experience for women like me. Together, let's continue to champion inclusivity and diversity in the cycling community, ensuring that cycling truly is a sport for all.

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