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Love & Care Guide

Our garments are made from the highest quality performance fabrics.

Follow these simple care instructions below, and you’ll save some time and get more life out of your new investment.


Don’t just throw your cycling clothing in with your everyday laundry. Zip zippers and close hook-and-loop fasteners before washing as both can chew up clothes. Also, turn your sublimated clothing inside out to protect the graphics. If you are throwing your gloves in with the same wash make sure you close the Velcro tab or they will end up stuck to your kit, with you looking for them for days.


Cycling clothing needs to be washed on a delicate/gentle wash setting. Washing them in a protective laundry bag will help protect your gear. Don’t leave soiled clothing unwashed, as residual sweat will damage the garment. 


The temperature of the water needs to be lower than 30 degrees, with high-quality mild laundry detergent. It's best not to use softeners and definitely no bleach. Hot water or the use of softeners may cause the colour to run and the chamois to break down. 


Line Dry Always hang dry your garment in a well-ventilated area. Hang them chamois side out, as the fresh air will help kill any bacteria. Don't put your cycling clothing into the clothes dryer. That is the fastest way to ruin your new investment. Instead, hang them out on clothes rack. The fabric is quick drying, and, in a pinch, they’ll also air dry quite quickly on your body.


Our chamois don’t require special cleaning, however, your chamois is a breeding ground for bacteria so always wash your Knicks after one ride. Never be tempted to double up!