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Only the Best for Your Butt

We've chosen the best for your butt with the HP version of the Liège women’s chamois from Elastic Interface.

The Liège women’s chamois guarantees superior protection during long-distance rides thanks to the very high density perineal and ischiatic foam inserts.

The foam inserts are shaped to be very minimalist and the top layer of the pad that comes in contact with the rider is entirely smooth. The perineal area is designed to deliver great fit and stability in the saddle. The pelvic track, which traces where the pelvic bones match the saddle during the pedal stroke, is particularly anatomic in support of this area. The perfect combination of perforated foams and different densities assures extra breathability and freedom of movement.

Minimalist shape of the foams with flat pelvic track.
New three-dimensional EIT Coolcube fabric.
Soft brushed polyamide cubes alternate to quick-dry polyester cubes.
Cross section image showing 3 different types of foam densities.