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Birds on Bikes is looking for Brand Ambassadors who embody the bike lifestyle to represent our brand worldwide.

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Tracey Roy
I’ve always been able to ride a bike all my life but pre Covid 2019 I wanted to purchase a bike but wasn’t keen on a two-wheeler peddling so I opted for an electric trike.
Louise Newman
In my early cycling days, I would occasionally go for a ride, but being unfit and “curvy” it didn’t really appeal. It wasn’t until my early 40s that I started to enter low-level duathlons...
Debbie Harris
Debbie is an award winning midlife blogger who loves her family, travel and treating life as one big adventure. She has ridden a bike most of her life and loves ...
Petra Kliese
Petra is a Brissie local and has had a love for riding around South East Qld on two wheels for as long as she can remember; her love has evolved from...
Rachael O'Reilly
My dad had been apart of the central south island Charity bike ride Central South Island Charity Bike Ride for a number of years and I thought hmm maybe I could do this!