bright pink cycling base layer with elastic straps of black cycling base layer
Prepare for anything
Protection on the Go!

      Cycling Base Layer - Be Ready For Anything

      Our cycling base layer is made for any day of the year! Your bike rides will be more enjoyable with our cycling base layer!

      It's designed to give you some extra protection and coverage while biking. The Movement cycling base layer is perfect with your Birds on Bikes Knicks or Bibs giving you some extra coverup on those necessary stops. Available in two beautiful colours: Fuchsia and Mint. The Movement cycling base layer is perfect under your jerseys to keep you safe from any unexpected weather changes, or from scrapes from nature's obstacles on the path
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      Sensitive® Fabrics!
      Feel The Breeze

      The open honeycomb construction of Sensitive® Fabrics allows air to circulate between the fibres. Their breathable qualities make it cooler and more hygienic.

      close up view of mint blue sensitive fabric used in birds on bikes movement base layers
      female model standing with bike wearing a hot pink base layer and black cycling bib shorts
      female model with hand on hip wearing a mint blue sleeveless top purple neck snood
      Ride in style with a
      Movement Base Layer!

      ✔️ Designed to give you an added layer of protection on hot days!
      ✔️ Perfect for long distance bike rides or shorter rides on cold mornings!