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      It's time to get your ride on!

      These women's bike shorts are great for every type of ride.

      Road, trail, mountain or even just around town.

      birds on bikes cycling shorts shown in four leg lengths
      Knicks & Bibs
      Four Leg Lengths
      These bottoms are so chic and come in four lengths: short, knee, seven-eighth and long
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      birds on bikes basic black cycling kit shown on two models standing back to back
      designed to fit a woman's curves
      Cycling Shorts
      They're as comfortable as they are fashionable.
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      female model wears a pretty blue floral base layer with black bib shorts that have blue leg cuffs
      Ride like a pro
      Bib Knicks
      Designed for comfort on your bike ride.
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      diagram showing garment features of birds on bikes cycling shorts and bib shorts
      Knicks & Bibs
      Modern Design

      Great looking shorts with a contemporary look make all women feel like cycling legends.

      Women's HP Leige
      Chamois of Choice

      Our cycling pad is designed exclusively for you and your comfort so you can get out and ride every day, fuelling your passion for cycling with the satisfaction of reaching new goals and horizons.