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Cycling Events VIC

Some up and coming Cycling events in Victoria that may interest you


Around the Bay

3 October

Around the Bay is an iconic ride which has the reputation of being Australia’s largest ride with over 10,000 people riding in it.

Amy's Gran Fondo

23 - 24 October

Catering to cyclists of all abilities, the event is held on fully closed roads in one of the most picturesque destinations on the planet – the Great Ocean Road. 

Great Vic Bike Ride

2 - 3 October

The rolling bike festival pedals to a new town each day, setting up camp where we can soak up an afternoon and evening of entertainment and activities including live music, comedy, yoga, an outdoor cinema and much more!

Bass Coast Cycle Challenge

6 November

A charity event, proceeds fund the education of young drivers, passengers and cyclists, making our roads a safer place for all.

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