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Cycling organisations play a key role in the bicycle community.

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Cycling Australia

Cycling Australia is the national administrative body responsible for the sport of cycling in Australia.

Bicycle Queensland

We are here to support our members with rider benefits, insurance, advice and education; as well as provide exciting events and experiences to bring both the Queensland and broader cycling community together. 

Bicycle Network

Bicycle Network is Australia’s biggest bike riding organisation, supported by nearly 50,000 members nationwide

Ride Nation

Ride Nation is the place where the cycling community comes to connect, learn, improve and have fun! Wherever you are on your riding journey, Ride Nation is the marketplace for programs, activities, events and adventures that suit your needs.

Space 4 Cycling

We share a vision for Brisbane where it is easy, convenient, and safe for people of all ages and abilities to walk or ride a bicycle to their destination.

Ladies back on your bike

We are about enjoying cycling with other women of similar fitness and interest!

Women's Cycling QLD

Whether you are riding to improve your fitness and health, to spend time with friends and family, to get from point A to B, or for the thrill of mass participation rides or racing - riding can help you set you free.

Wheel Women

At Wheel Women, we aim to provide a fun, social, recreational and non-competitive environment for women to learn to ride. 

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