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Meet our Brand Ambassadors

Petra Kliese

Jan 19, 2022 

Petra is a Brissie local and has had a love for riding around South East Qld on two wheels for as long as she can remember; her love has evolved from a dirty-faced teenager skidding down dirt trails on an old mountain bike with her cattle-dog into an adult lycra wearing road cyclist. Read More

Rachael O'Reilly

Dec 14, 2021 

I started with a mountain bike and trained and then biked for 3 days doing 369km to raise money for charity. The cycling bug took hold! I got myself a road bike have since upgraded this as well! Read More

Louise Newman

Nov 30, 2021 

Being selected as an Ambassador for Birds on Bikes was a very exciting moment for me, as I never expected to be chosen because I have never really been a cyclist. In my early cycling days, I would occasionally go for a ride, but being unfit and “curvy” it didn’t really appeal.  Read More

Debbie Harris

Nov 30, 2021 

Debbie is an award winning midlife blogger who loves her family, travel and treating life as one big adventure. She has ridden a bike most of her life and loves nothing more than a cycling holiday in Australia or overseas (hopefully that can continue sometime in the future). Read More

Tracey Roy

Nov 30, 2021 

I’ve always been able to ride a bike all my life but pre Covid 2019 I wanted to purchase a bike but wasn’t keen on a two-wheeler peddling around the Melbourne suburbs and I also have panic attacks and mild anxiety and a serious ankle injury. Read More