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Article: The Price-Quality Paradigm of Birds on Bikes' Cycling Apparel

The Price-Quality Paradigm of Birds on Bikes' Cycling Apparel

The Price-Quality Paradigm of Birds on Bikes' Cycling Apparel

In today's fast-paced world, finding the perfect cycling apparel can be a challenging endeavour. However, Birds on Bikes has become a go-to destination for women seeking comfortable, fashionable, and ethically made clothing. Yet, despite our commitment to quality, some individuals have expressed concerns over the price of our garments. We would like to take this opportunity to shed light on why our prices reflect the superior value we offer.

Commitment to Quality

At Birds on Bikes, our dedication to crafting top-notch cycling apparel sets us apart. We believe that cycling should not only be enjoyable but also empowering. To deliver on this promise, we meticulously source premium materials, employ expert craftsmanship, and invest in sustainable practices. Our commitment to quality is not an afterthought; it's the cornerstone of our brand.

Ethical and Sustainable Practices

When it comes to Birds on Bikes, affordability goes hand in hand with sustainability. We strongly believe that cycling apparel should not compromise the environment or exploit workers. By partnering with Australian manufacturers and prioritizing local production, we reduce carbon emissions associated with long-distance shipping. Moreover, this approach ensures fair wages and working conditions for every individual involved in creating our garments. As a conscious consumer, supporting these values through your purchase contributes to a better tomorrow.

Designed with Women in Mind

At Birds on Bikes, we recognise that the cycling industry often overlooks the needs and preferences of women riders. Our focus is not solely on performance, but also on embracing the diversity and joy that cycling brings. We design apparel that celebrates femininity while providing practicality and comfort. Our relaxed fit accommodates different body types, and we offer sizes ranging from XS to 3XL because we firmly believe that riding a bike should be an inclusive experience for everyone.

The Price-Quality Paradigm

The notion that our garments are priced unreasonably is simply not accurate. We strive to strike a balance between offering premium quality and fair pricing. It is crucial to understand that the cost of creating exceptional clothing encompasses factors beyond the material alone. These costs include research and development, ethical sourcing, sustainable manufacturing, skilled labor, and supporting local businesses. By investing in our garments, you are not merely purchasing clothing; you are investing in an experience and contributing to a cause.

Value in the Long Run

When evaluating the price of our garments, it is important to consider the long-term value they offer. Birds on Bikes apparel is engineered to withstand rigorous cycling sessions, repeated washings, and the test of time. Our easy-care fabrics ensure that your clothing will maintain its elegance and performance, preserving your investment for years to come. By opting for our high-quality apparel, you are making a sustainable choice that reduces the need for frequent replacements, ultimately saving both your money and the environment.


Just wanted to ask the question, why all the previous cycling tops have gone out of production and there is only 1 pattern to buy (which I already have). I have been buying your gear for many years now and loved all the wonderful patterns and colours you had and would love more variety. Is there any reason for no other choices being offered now?

Libby Lyver

Expensive yes but supporting Australian businesses and manufacturing. I value your commitment to sustainability. Sure I can pay much less by buying from China. I do not want to do that. Eleanor


I can definitely recommend Birds on Bikes cycling pants as top quality and even though initial cost may appear expensive, the quality is far superior compared to other brands of cycling pants. All my other bike shorts have eventually perished but my Birds on Bike shorts are still going strong after a few years use.


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