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Women's Biking Jerseys
Relaxed fit for ultimate comfort and style!

      Say goodbye to shapeless bike jerseys.

      Get flattering, yet stylish women's cycling jerseys from Birds on Bikes now!

      ✔️    FLATTERING - With Birds on Bikes ladies bike jerseys, we promise that you will look good no matter what size you are. Every woman is beautiful, which is why we want every woman to feel as good as she can when she rides her bike.

      ✔️   FASHIONABLE -
      We design our cycling jerseys exclusively for women so they fit perfectly - not too tight or too loose. Our designs are bold, fun and always fresh!

      ✔️   FUN -
      We love cycling! When you ride a bike, it makes you feel good on the inside and out. Whether it's a solo ride or a ride with friends, we want you to have fun on your bike!

      Discover why Birds on Bikes women's cycling jerseys are better than every other brand. Check out our designs before you buy!

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        Ride in style and look good doing it!
        Women's Cycling Jerseys

        Discover why Birds on Bikes womens cycling jerseys are better than every other brand.

        ✔️ Enjoy a Flattering Fit Cycling jerseys made specifically for women will fit better than most men's jerseys, without feeling bulky on any body type - even if you're a XXXL size!

        ✔️ Shop Local We're an Australian owned brand so when you shop with us, it means we support local jobs.

        ✔️ Find Comfort Feel great about yourself as our cycling jerseys are designed to make you look good, feel good and most importantly, be good.