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Article: Routine is Your Best Mate

Routine is Your Best Mate

Routine is Your Best Mate

I’ve signed up to do the cycle in a half ironman (again)… I need to quickly go from a casual to serious rider (again and quickly). I need my routine back!

2022 hasn’t gotten off to a good start for my routine (cycling and beyond) I’ve been…

  • Injured: Post a cycling crash and taking a month off all exercise and even longer off vigorous exercise

  • In iso: With a partner having covid and us having to head into mandatory quarantine

  • Crazy at work: Working on a project that has required huge time commitments (and little time for late starts after a big cycle)

Suddenly I found myself looking at the calendar and realising - I have a triathlon and a half ironman coming up quickly…. and I’m bloody unfit right now - Eeeek

So what am I going to do about… Get back into a routine of course!

Here are the 101 routine tips (well Petra’s perspective) for getting ready for that race (or just staying in shape in general)

1. Map out your exercise calendar and make it visible: I use a big piece of butchers paper and bright post-it’s. To get to an exercise calendar that works for me I leverage training schedules from Garmin Coach and my old faithful ‘Triathlon Bible’

Planning for triathlon
2. Throw money at pre-made meals: If you are like me … Suit wearing by day and Lycra wearing by early morning … you are likely to also be terrible at eating a) healthy b) Getting the right food to support your exercise regime. So I get help!

3. Align your routine to mates:
There is nothing like having a mate swim / cycle / run beside you to keep you motivated – especially when you are extremely competitive like me and always want to beat them

4. Schedule late starts at work a couple of times a week:
While it might not work for everyone I make my team aware of my fitness goals and which mornings will be ‘long ride mornings’ – there is no harm in giving yourself an extra 30 mins some mornings in the week to fit in that ride (I know I’ll definitely make up that time)!

5. Pack your workout gear in your work bag:
If I have a crazy schedule I make sure I pack my workout gear daily, because you never know, the day might go perfectly and you can fit in that session in the afternoon before heading home!

6. Block out your Saturday and/or Sunday mornings:
For a routine that is driving towards a bigger fitness goal, you need to have a long session at least once a week – so block out 3+ hours on a weekend to get that long ride done and dusted!

The routine that works for you is unique, so find things that motivate you and build the routine around that! Find the barriers that stop you following a good routine and find ways to work around them. If all else fails, sign up for a half iron man to scare you into a routine!

Happy cycling!  See you out on the road

Xoxo Petra

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