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Article: Why it's so important to buy Australian Made

Why it's so important to buy Australian Made

Why it's so important to buy Australian Made

Buying clothes manufactured abroad seems like a good idea at first - It means you can get high quality goods cheaper than anything else.

However, when your clothes wear out before their time or you end up with clothes that don't fit properly, it leaves you feeling disappointed.

Imagine feeling proud every time you put on an article of clothing made in Australia. Imagine not having to worry about wearing clothes that fall apart too soon or don't fit properly.

Buy Australian Made to wear articles of clothing proudly made right here in Australia. Buying Australian Made won't just increase your awareness of Australia's amazing manufacturers; it'll also mean paying more attention to the materials used, production processes, and environmental impact these have on the community. It might cost a little more upfront but Australian Made is guaranteed to last longer and stand the test of time.

Here are some reasons why buying Australian made goods is vital

Buying Australian Made is about more than supporting Aussie brands, it's about encouraging sustainable and equitable communities that strengthen the sense of belonging among neighbours.

At Buy Local stores, people can visit independently owned shops for everything from food to fashion. And in supporting independent retailers we support diverse entrepreneurship. We don't just strengthen our regional economies - we create opportunities for a better world around us through this cooperative process.

Every purchase, whether big or small, has an impact on climate change.

The effect of climate change on our planet is something all future generations will have to deal with. As consumers, it's important that we make decisions that not only improve quality of life in the moment but also limit the impact we'll have on the environment years down the line.

Simple as that! By purchasing locally made goods made close to home by nearby manufacturers, you can make an immediate difference in cutting emissions while protecting the environment from degradation.

Support Australian Jobs By Buying Australian.

The quality of Australian-made goods sets them apart from cheaper manufactured products made overseas. This isn't just because high wages reflect in the cost; it's also due to responsible conditions for workers, safety measures and an emphasis on human rights at work. This fosters better rights for employees, as well as ethical protections that protect not only people but also the end-product they make. The result? Purchasing Australian-made goods helps maintain humane work environments while sustaining global industries with your support--which will continue growing and thriving with your cooperation!

Plus, by choosing to buy these products you're supporting ethically-minded businesses while ensuring you're paying back what they deserve!

Quality. Craftsmanship. Australian Made.

When we want to find something special, made by people who care about the quality and proudly show their workmanship, we go looking for Australian-made items.

We care deeply about the environment and wish to live in a clean world - it’s why we purchase goods which have been ethically sourced, sustainably produced and locally delivered.

Australian Made is Quality + Craftsmanship + Ethical Production + Local Delivery.

Get high-quality, Australian-made products with a conscience.

As consumers, the amount of quality offerings available for purchase has exploded. More products coming from more companies on a wide range of budgets. But too often, we buy things without really considering how they were made or what it means to our own country's economy if we're buying something else altogether - sometimes without even knowing what makes one country's goods any different from another country's goods, or why they're selling their product to us instead of making it domestically.

It feels good when you know where things come from. With Australian Made, when you buy an item (or order) online or offline, you not only receive a higher-quality item because of their close ties with their manufacturers and supply chain partners in Australia - but also because the order provides jobs for Australians as well as revenue for Australian businesses - helping boost the local economy and creating more jobs for locals!

Made in Australia.

When it comes to manufacturing, Australia is a place with a proud history of innovation and invention. In fact, many Australian innovations are used the world over; from the humble Hills Hoist clothesline to the Fridge Magnet - this great land of ours was responsible for both!

So, we know that Aussies love to buy locally made products when they can, but what they don't know is that by buying Australian made goods they're contributing to much more than just their own personal satisfaction.

Birds on Bikes is proud to be an Australian company, run by Australians and loved by Australians. Our priorities are supporting locals where possible and investing in community projects that make a difference.

With each purchase of a Birds on Bikes product you're supporting local employment, a clean environment and community growth.

Australian Made.

Birds on Bikes is proud to be an Australian made, owned and Loved brand that continues to prioritise local outcomes and empowering small business.

With the manufacturing sector shrinking, small business not thriving and a push for Australian Made brands, Birds on Bikes has become a shining example of what can be achieved.

The offer is simple - it's a purchase that supports local producers in Australia as well as small business.

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