All the best for your Butt

We looked long and hard for a pad that offers you performance, versatility and comfort in the saddle and came up with the Liège HP Women from Elastic Interface.

How we are made

LIÈGE HP WOMEN guarantees superior protection during long distance rides thanks to the very high-density foam inserts.

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Liège HP Women


LIÈGE HP WOMEN guarantees superior comfort during long distance rides thanks to the very high-density foam inserts


The perineal area is designed to deliver great fit and stability in saddle.The pelvic track, which traces where the pelvic bones matches the saddle during the pedal stroke, is particularly anatomic in support of this area.


Its paddings are shaped to be very minimalist and the top layer of the pad that you comes into contact with is entirely smooth. 


The perfect combination of perforated foams and different densities assures extra breathability and freedom of movement.

LIÈGE HP WOMEN features Elastic Interface® ECO X-Fifty fabric, with a REPOC construction delivering cooling functions and quick dry.

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Technical features






317 x 202 mm

How the elastic interface chamois is made

How we are made

Join us behind the scenes and find out how the high performance Elastic Interface® cycling pads are made.


Our guarantees of certified sustainability

All Elastic Interface® products are Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX® certified. This label sets out the strictest requirements for safeguarding people and the environment, guaranteeing that any product next to your skin is safe. Our fabrics come with the BLUESIGN® guarantee that proves our commitment to using clean resources and safe production processes. It also provides the assurance that unsustainable materials can never make it into the production chain. For you and for the generations still to come we are committed to making the finest quality cycling pads so that everyone can continue to enjoy that unique magic you only get from cycling.

Elastic Interface Quality and Environment Policy

Recycled Fabrics

Eco Performance Fabric is what happens when we apply an eco-sustainable philosophy to the performance of Elastic Interface® products. The result is a recycled warp-knit stretch fabric in which even the elastomer is recycled and certified to the Global Recycled Standard (GRS). Producing Elastic Interface® Eco Performance Fabric enables us to reduce CO2 emissions by about 53% as well as cutting waste from raw material, which helps to protect the environment. This process is certified to the SCS Recycled Content Standard.