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Hey There
My name is Barbara, and I am the Creator of Birds on Bikes. I am also a mum, a partner and a friend. I’m really excited to be introducing my range of cycling apparel for women of all shapes and sizes. A range that I can proudly say truly represents the Birds on Bikes brand. We are challenging the norm and opening up the world of cycling to women that have previously felt neglected and unthought of.

Happy Riding x

It's Friendship, it's laughs, it's tears, it's coffee, it's a glass of wine, it's a cheer and it's often a hug.

Finding cycling clothing to fit your curves has never been easier thanks to Birds on Bikes.

Our cycling apparel range makes the daunting and intimidating process less frustrating for curvy figures.

It's a community!

We are challenging the norm and opening up the world of cycling to women that have previously felt neglected and unthought of. We are listening, we care, and we are doing something about it and in doing so we are getting more bums on bikes and more people moving.

We are really excited and hope that you will join us on our ride.

The people that

Made this possible


The reason I ride is a physical, mental and spiritual need. That reckless abandon of screaming around corners and having fun. The safe haven of biking with a group of female riders and having fun with a group of like-minded women that accept me for me and encourage me to be a fitter, funnier and more confident version of myself.


I ride for the people, the friendships and the coffee. I ride because I want to help others get started, as friends before have helped me. I ride to pay it forward and I ride for me.


Cycling is my break away from everything. It is my time out where I can truly forget about any worries or stress in my life. My favourite place to ride is beside the water first thing in the morning with my crew. I love the carefree feeling I have while I ride which recharges my batteries both mentally and physically.


I ride for so many reasons it’s hard to pin one down.I ride for exercise, I ride to be outdoors, I ride to challenge myself whether racing or trying to climb a hill, I ride for the company, I ride because I can give back to the community through riding. But most of all I ride because I enjoy it!


I love riding. It relieves the stress, it’s great exercise and most importantly I have made some great friends. My work life is very stressful and cycling gives me a much-needed time out.
I really treasure the friendships I have made.
It’s a great start to my day.


Artist extraordinaire! Tina has a unique colourful style that is bright and free flowing. Together we decided to use a mixture of Australian flora and fauna The end result is what you see here today, featuring a pink cockatoo.