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Article: The Future of Cycling is Feminine

The Future of Cycling is Feminine

The Future of Cycling is Feminine

Getting More Women Onto Bikes.

One Exciting area of cycling is the rise of female participation. It’s about removing barriers and taking into account all aspects of the sport, including apparel, as Barbara from Birds on Bikes explains.

We've all seen the images of male cyclists - manly figures hurtling past barriers with ease. Women don't seem to have such luck when it comes to biking. Female cyclists often feel pressured at society's judgmental gaze while they biked, or even worse, vulnerable because they cycle in skin-tight clothing. But cycling may offer women hope; after all, a lot of those gendered activities are gaining traction among females - especially since specialty programs and clothing lines like Birds on Bikes that cater specifically to them pop up every day.

The benefits of cycling for exercise are endless; it increases strength and endurance and reduces stress while lowering cholesterol and blood pressure. It also boosts self-esteem through accomplishment and independence since one is essentially out there alone on their bike. No matter where your journey takes you, lifelong friends are waiting at every turn as well. And once you get hooked...well then pedal away!

Birds on Bikes to the Rescue.

Being aware of a new trend that encourages women to go out and explore the world around them, Barbara decided to take things into her own hands and launched the Birds on Bikes brand, Australia’s first women specific cycling gear for curves – unlike other brands who limit their activewear range to different shapes and sizes (assuming only small size women can cycle).

Birds on Bikes are all about supporting those curvier cyclists who need to be comfy while they ride. This translates into increased pleasure while cycling which then means better health. You’ll find many different styles in bike jerseys, shorts or leggings depending on your unique body shape.

We know how hard it can be when clothes do not fit appropriately so we design clothing with high quality material and-long lasting style which means you will never want anything else.

Interested to hear more? Join the Birds on Bikes crew!

Original Story published in Bicycling Australia Magazine July /Aug 22

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