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Barbara Spooner

AKA Creator Bird

About A Bird

I bought into the cyclist lifestyle hook, line and sinker after marrying my now husband who is an avid cyclist and he encouraged me to start cycling too.

I got the new bike, no problems there, however, no matter where I looked there were only clothes for thin people - nothing for me! All the best looking clothes were either too small or way too big!

I always felt uncomfortable being around other cyclists because I never thought I looked right- or at least not as right as they did in the cycling magazines. Every time I went out on a bike ride, every time I tried on new clothes - they were all too small. Cycling pants would refuse to cover my curves, shirts wouldn't cover up my tummy - and it just wasn't fun anymore.

No sooner had I experienced this frustration than did it hit me that maybe others share my problems...

And so began the project of designing and making stylish and comfortable cycling clothing made just for us girls with lumps, bumps and everything else in between!