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Take a look around, There, is movement going on.

Let’s face it we are a growing population. Quality of life is important, we are living longer, and we are doing more. And adding to all of those pressures we now have social media to remind us that we all need to look good as well. Life is meant to get easier and it just keeps getting harder.

In the world of fashion however there is a real problem.

There is a large group of individuals embracing this movement and they have been forgotten. They are the ones putting in the hard yards to achieve their goals. They are motivated, they are ready to jump on board and they just want to be considered. They are the ones with the curves, the lumps and the bumps where they don’t really want them, and they are on a mission. They to want to feel beautiful, they want to feel stylish and they want to be comfortable on that journey.

The good thing is, that as a society and as individuals we are recognising that in order to achieve this we need to be more active and stay healthy. 

My name is Barbara, and I am the Creator of Birds on Bikes.

I am also a mum, a partner and a friend and I’m really excited to introduce you to my brand Birds on Bikes. 

Finding cycling clothing to fit your curves is not the easiest thing in the world. It can be a daunting and intimidating process not to mention extremely frustrating.

The realty, is that there are a lot of curvy women out there, getting on bikes.

We do it for fun, we do it for fitness and we do it for ourselves.

How do I know this?

I am that curvy cyclist and this was my problem.

I wanted to feel comfortable and stylish when I went for a ride and I couldn’t find anything.

Everything was tiny. I would try on cycling pants and found I couldn’t pull them past my knees!

How I hated, looking like sausage meat stuffed into Lycra!

I’d go into the cycling stores and the reaction would be “no sorry we haven’t got anything like that, but we have been asked a lot lately."

Extremely frustrated and annoyed, I then decided to create my own range of cycling clothing for women of ALL sizes.

Lumps, bumps and all.

We are challenging the norm and opening up the world of cycling to women that have previously felt neglected and unthought of.

We are listening, we care, and we are doing something about it
and in doing so we are getting more bums on bikes and more people moving.