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side view of Birds on Bikes winter cycling tights in charcoal grey

Experience Unmatched Comfort with Traveller Long Cycling Tights

Eco-Conscious, Stylish, and Supportive Tights for Curvy Women Cyclists

Welcome to the home of the Traveller Long Cycling Tights by Birds on Bikes. Designed specifically for curvy women, these tights offer the perfect blend of comfort, support, and style.

Made from eco-conscious materials and featuring advanced chamois technology, our Traveller Tights ensure you can enjoy your rides without any discomfort.

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Why Choose Traveller Long Cycling Tights:

“The Traveller Tights are amazing! The chamois is top-notch, and the fabric is breathable and soft. These are by far the best cycling tights I've ever owned.”

Emma T.

“I love that these tights are made from recycled materials. They are eco-friendly and incredibly comfortable. I highly recommend them!”

Jessica L.

“The Traveller Tights have changed my cycling experience. No more chafing or discomfort. They provide excellent support and fit like a glove.”

Megan P.

“I absolutely love my Traveller Tights! They fit perfectly and are so comfortable. I can ride for hours without any discomfort.”

Sarah M.

“The quality of the Traveller Tights is fantastic. They keep me warm on cooler days and protect me from the sun. I wear them on every ride.”

Fiona S.

Ready to elevate your cycling experience?

Discover the perfect fit, comfort, and style with our Traveller Long Cycling Tights. Available in sizes 6 to 24.

Traveller Cycling Tights

Elevate Your Ride with Traveller Long Cycling Tight

Introducing the Traveller Long Cycling Tights by Birds on Bikes, designed for curvy women cyclists. Available in sizes 6 to 24, these tights offer a perfect fit with eco-conscious materials, advanced chamois technology, and breathable, durable fabrics. Stay comfortable and supported on every ride, with added benefits of wind and sun protection. Shop now and elevate your cycling experience with stylish, sustainable, and supportive gear.