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Article: Beechworth to Myrtleford with Linda

Beechworth to Myrtleford with Linda

Beechworth to Myrtleford with Linda


My name is Linda. I’m a married mum of two adult children. I’ve nearly always ridden bikes; I’ve done a range of different things including a Great NSW Bike Ride from Mt Kosciusko to Sydney, A Great South Australian Bike Ride from Wilpena Pound to Adelaide. I’ve competed in MTB races, and I’ve ridden bike paths of Canberra with two children in the bike trailer! Oh! And I mustn’t forget the Tandem!!

Now that the kids have moved out of home, my husband and I are again enjoying riding together. We’ve bought gravel bikes. Mine is a Merida ESilex, I love it! Its an E Bike that doesn’t look like an E bike. I’d be happy to write a review if anyone is interested.

Last Christmas holiday whilst visiting family in Victoria, my husband Bruce and I joined with our son Jack and an old friend rode from Beechworth to Myrtleford on the Murray to Mountains Rail Trail. 87kms return trip took us a leisurely 5 hours.

beechworth to myrtleford rail trail map

The trail from Beechworth is in fabulous condition. The surface is tar and the first 20Km is downhill. There are beautiful views of the surrounding mountains, you pass through old railway cuttings, through bushland and there is plenty of shade. Along the way you pass through farmland and past wineries. There was one property that the boys were particularly interested in as it was full of old cars and trucks.

beechworth to myrtleford rail trail path with trees and bicycle

On arrival in Myrtleford, we found the bakery and fuelled up on fresh salad sandwiches, cakes, and pies. After lunch we had a look around town and had a lovely rest in the local park. The shady trees and historical displays were irresistible. We learnt about Tobacco farming in the area and there was a replica tobacco drying hut in the park. Once well rested we began the journey home.

Overall we had a fabulous day and I’d highly recommend it as a ride.

happy snaps of bicycle ride from beechworth to myrtleford

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