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Munich to Hamburg with Mel

Here is our 2019 tour, hopefully you will find it interesting. 

In 2015 my husband and myself did a supported bike tour from Paris to Bruges, we loved it so much we could not wait to do another. Fast forward to 2019 and we have finally retired and can now start touring.

Our retirement trip was from Munich to Hamburg, over 2000 kilometres, via the EuroVelo 15 and the EuroVelo 12. We flew our bikes from Brisbane and back home again, and somehow managed to stay within the weight limit with our camping gear included.

Our original plan was to ride from Munich to the Hook of Holland and then if either of us wasn't enjoying it we could call it quits. We loved it so much we just kept on going to Hamburg and we would have loved to have just kept riding, it is a great way to travel.

We traveled very much on the fly and purposely didn’t have any firm plans on where we would stay each night, we usually planned the next day once we pulled into our nightly camp ground. It was mostly easy to find accommodation and the route was easy to follow. The majority of our trip we camped, with the odd hotel/airbnb thrown in for when we needed a good wash!

We rode through rain, storms, high winds and very hot days, but boy was it worth it, we wouldn’t change a thing.

The highlight of our trip was meeting the other touring cyclists, it was wonderful to have a chat and gain some tips and insight into this wonderful way to travel. We met older cyclists, younger cyclists, families with dogs and small babies, it was so refreshing to see. The other cyclists were so helpful, when we ended up with a puncture from a blackberry thorn a group of German riders stopped to help us. After the repairs were done they insisted we have a shot of Jägermeister to help us on our way, suffice to say we were a little wobbly after that.

The lowlights were soon forgotten with the only real issue being the minor damage our bikes sustained in transit. The spare days we had in Munich which we’d originally allocated for sightseeing and bike building were spent scouting bike shops to repair broken brakes and to replace a sheared off kick stand. July being prime bike repair season in Germany meant that most of the bike shops are fully booked out.

Lessons Learned

It is very hard to get a bike carton from the local bike shops and we had a nervous few days in Hamburg trying to source cartons to pack our bikes in for the trip home. At one stage we were considering investigating a storage locker to leave them over there as we just couldn’t get any boxes.

Sunday everything is closed, so make sure you get the food on Saturdays, we had a few days of dry biscuits for dinner but we sorted that fairly quickly. 

We were planning our 2021 trip to ride a portion of the Eurovelo 6 from Nantes, France to Budapest, Hungary, but it looks like that will be on hold now for a while. Plan B is to do shorter tours closer to home and we have purchased a BOB trailer to get us started. We cant wait to get touring again.



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