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Article: Maureen's adventures through the Baltic States

Maureen's adventures through the Baltic States

Maureen's adventures through the Baltic States

What a spectacular way to spend some of our holidays cycling through the Baltic States on E-Bikes. (the only way to ride in unfamiliar countries).

We visited the capital cities of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia including their old towns which are all UNESCO World Heritage Sites. We also cycled on the Curonian Spit of Lithuania and Saaremaa a beautiful island in Estonia.

We rode through many small villages and national parks and a big surprise was to ride on the beach alongside the Baltic Sea.

Of course there was a mandatory swim in the Baltic as well.

We had an unreal young guide and also our support vehicle (for long transfers) was driven by a lovely man.
We rode E bikes/ Pedelecs/ Velo de Ville which were great, not too heavy, they were all fitted with a pannier.

The guys of our group were a bit hesitant about riding E bikes but after riding over 400Ks they were glad they did.
We would highly recommend this bike tour by Baltic Bike Travel to anyone.

Of course, the hardest thing about overseas travel was decide what clothes to pack and I must admit I made a good choice with my Birds On Bike gear (rinse out overnight and ready for the next day).

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